HealthLink Outreach assists patients in meeting their healthcare needs, wherever they call home. We use a simple, seamless and personalized approach

Our goal is to reduce the costs and save resources, for the provincial healthcare system by:

> Ensuring patient transition from hospital to facility/home is completed in a timely and organized fashion.
> Offering immediate home or facility-based daily care and support services.
> Providing chronic disease management and support.
> Scheduling daily medication administration, injections, and vital signs monitoring (twice daily and as needed).
> Facilitating communication with patient healthcare team(s) and family, to ensure effective care planning and optimal patient outcomes.
> Effectively reducing the need or risk for re-admission to hospital thanks to clinical support and timely interventions.
> Providing patient and family education and support to encourage ongoing independence and wellbeing.
> Functioning as a multidisciplinary team :

  • Nurses (psychiatric, LPN, RN including Certified Diabetes Educators and Respiratory Educators)
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Licensed Pharmacy Technicians
  • Family Physicians

“HealthLink Outreach causes me to get up and get ready for them. I look forward to them coming since I know I will take meds properly. Great team! Thank you!!” – I. B.

“I personally believe that both Florence Nightingale and Hypocrites would be very proud to call them true Healers!”  – R. H.

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